User2Smart Administration Guide

What is User2Smart ?

With User2Smart you can create and update users in SmartRecruiters using a CSV file. It is available at

Getting Started

  1. First, get your Rhaegal key by contacting This key is used to connect to User2smart.

  2. Make sure your account has the integration pack from SmartRecruiters.

  3. Log into SmartRecruiters

Data privacy

No data from your files will be stored by Rhaegal. Only your parameters are locally stored in your navigator in plain text, as well as your Rhaegal key (optional).


CSV Format

Each record must have 19 fields. Some fields can be left empty. Default is explained below.

Header and columns

The header is optional in your CSV file :

  • email*

  • firstName*

  • lastName*

  • systemRoleId* --> See Lists. If you want to ignore the column when updating, put a "!" --> "!systemRoleId"

  • externalData

  • languageCode* --> See Language codes

  • ssoIdentifier --> Used for Single Sign-On.

  • password

  • active* --> Use true/false to activate/deactivate the user.

  • enabled* --> If false, the user must enter his/her credentials for the first time to enable the account. If true, the account is enabled. Once enabled, it cannot be undone.

  • countryCode --> See country in Reference. Required if any part of the location data is specified. If specified, then city is required.

  • regionCode

  • region

  • city

  • address

  • postalCode

  • accessGroupId --> See Lists. If you want to ignore the column when updating, put a "!" --> "!accessGroupId"

  • sendEmail

  • oldEmail --> See Update the email

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Language codes

List of the available codes: de, en, es, es-MX, fr, fr-CA, hu, ja, lt, pl, pt-BR, pt, ru, sk, sv, zh-CN, zh-TW

Update the email

To change the email of a user, enter the new email in email, and the old email in oldEmail as it is used as the unique identifier.

SFTP Server (option)

If you plan to use the scheduler in User2Smart you have to set up a SFTP server.

Connecting to User2Smart

  1. Paste your Rhaegal key to access to User2Smart.

  2. Click on Login to open SmartRecruiters to authenticate your credentials.

Once connected, " Logged as: first name last name" will be displayed.

Uploading the .CSV file

Header present: check if the header is present in your CSV file.The header must respect the formality of SmartRecruiters. See the header below.

Quotation character: it is used to delimit a character string.

Delimiter: this input is used to separate the fields in your CSV.

The Modes

Three modes are available: Create, Update and Create or update. Choose one of these modes according to what you want.


When Create is selected, User2Smart will add new users to SmartRecruiters, 1 for every record in your CSV file.


When Update is selected, User2Smart will update all the users in your CSV file. The users are identified by their email. To change the email of a user, see Update the email below.

Create or Update

When Create or update is selected, User2Smart will first try to add users, and if the user already exists, it will be updated.


Documentation: Link to the documentation of User2Smart.

Country codes: List of all the codes you can use in your CSV file.

User Management: Link to the user management of SmartRecruiters.

Export users: Export all the users of your company in a CSV file. If Complete is checked, their location details are added. You can choose the delimiter in the Send page.

List system roles: List all the system roles of your company including custom roles.

List acces groups: List all the access groups of your company.


For each system roles or access groups, the first line is the name, and the second line is the id.

Errors and logs

Once the file is processed, the system will show whether it was succesful or not:

V : There are no errors.

X : There is at least one error.

: Click here to download the logs.

Example of an error:

Gloria Alyn: Selected role is not existing in company configuration.



The scheduler is used to automate the import of users. Your CSV file must be stored in a SFTP server. User2Smart will download and use this CSV file to import your users in SmartRecruiters.


  • Cron -> See Cron expression

  • Email -> Email used for the import (must be an administrator in SmartRecruiters and authorized to use User2Smart)

  • Mode -> Create / update / create or updtade

  • Host ->

  • Port -> The port of your server

  • Login -> Login to connect to your server

  • Password ->Password to connect to your server

  • File path -> URI of your file

  • Log directory -> Choose a folder where logs will be saved

  • Log prefix -> Choose a prefix for your log file. It will look like this: myPrefix-20201012.csv

  • Header present -> See Header present

  • Delimiter -> See Delimiter

  • Quotation character -> See Quotation character

Cron expression

A cron expression represents a set of times. It used to define when your action will be executed. To generate a cron expression,

After you configured your cron, copy the generated expression in Resulting Cron Expression, paste it in Org2Smart, in the Cron input.