Post4Smart Administrator Guide

What is Post4Smart ?

Post4Smart is an application allowing you to plan the publication of jobs in "Public" in SmartRecruiters. The administrator manages from


  1. First, get your Rhaegal key by contacting This key is used to connect to Post4smart.

  2. Make sure your account has the integration pack from SmartRecruiters.

  3. Log into SmartRecruiters

Data Privacy

No data from your files will be stored by Rhaegal. Rhaegal will store your parameters like your Rhaegal key and your email.


  1. Click on "CONNECT TO SMARTRECRUITERS" and sign into SmartRecruiters using your usual credentials. These have to be the ones linked to your Rhaegal key.

  2. Enter your Rhaegal key and click on "CONNECT"

Post4Smart Administration

Despite the power of its functionalities, the Post4Smart application is equipped with a very friendly and intuitive administration interface

As you can see, only three parameters are required.

  • the default number of days before automatically publish internal jobs to public.

    • -1 : deactivated

    • 0 : immediate

    • Any number of days

  • Job Field Label represents the name of a custom field on your Smart Recruiters job ads to specify a number of days different from the one specified above. In Smart Recruiters it needs to be only filled with positive digit / numbers but can be 0 too. This field is used to override the default for a specific job.

Configuration example:

In this current configuration, Post4Smart is activated and will automatically publish all default job ads with the status "INTERNAL" in your SmartRecruiters environment 15 days after the job is created internally.

However, as you can see, a "Lifespan" field is filled in. This means that users can override the default for a specific job.

"Lifespan" here is a job field (your avatar -> settings / admin -> configuration -> jobs fields).

Any name or field can be used, however, make sure Post4Smart is configureed with the proper name (case senitive)

The field used to override the default must comply with the following settings:

  • Type: Free Text (if a non numerical value is entered or other than -1,0 and any positive value, it will be ignored).

  • Required field checkbox should be unchecked, unless all jobs must have a custom number of days before being published.

When the Post4Smart configuration is activated, all jobs that do not have a custom job field will be published after the default number of days.

Post4Smart publishes the first ad job created, the default one.