Maps4Smart User Guide


Maps4Smart supports the two latest versions of the following browsers for users and candidates:

  • Apple Safari

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge 18 +

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Opera

Map areas

Each map is comprised of a search bar, a burger menu, a map area and a job list.

Clicking on a job in the job list will open the job description in SmartRecruiters.

The Burger Menu is opened by clicking on the Grid icon in the top right corner. It will display search filters for the candidates to specify their interests. Both the map and the job list are refreshed by clicking on Apply.

Career Site

Rhaegal offers a career site to support Maps4Smart using Wordpress technology. The environment is at your disposal to create content. Alternatively, Maps4Smart can be embedded in any website by using the link of the map provided in the configuration.

Automatic zoom

  • When the map is zoomed on an area or a group of jobs, the list refreshes automatically.

  • When filters are used in the burger menu or the keyword search bar, both map and job list are refreshed to apply the new filters.

Mobile device behaviour

When on a mobile device, the site will either display the jobs as a list or show the map. This is really widely used approach on mobile phones since navigating on a map can be tricky on these screens.