Maps4Smart Administrator Guide

What is Maps4Smart ?

Maps4Smart is a map generator allowing you to display and geolocalize all your jobs from SmartRecruiters. The administrator manages from


  1. First, get your Rhaegal key by contacting This key is used to connect to Maps4smart.

  2. Make sure your account has the integration pack from SmartRecruiters.

  3. Log into SmartRecruiters

Browser requirements

Maps4Smart supports the two latest versions of the following browsers for users and candidates:

  • Apple Safari

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge 18 +

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Opera

Data Privacy

Rhaegal will store jobs details (available on the internet as they are posted on you career site) from your environment. Your parameters like your Rhaegal key and your email are locally stored in your navigator in plain text.


  1. Click on "CONNECT TO SMARTRECRUITERS" and sign into SmartRecruiters using your usual credentials. These have to be the ones linked to your Rhaegal key.

  2. Enter your Rhaegal key and click on "CONNECT"

Maps List

All created Maps are listed on this page.

  • Pencil icon: Edit the map

  • Eye icon: View the map

  • Trash can: Delete the map

Create new map

  • Map name: Unique map name that will be used for the path of the map

The link is generated automatically and cannot be edited

  • Fields: fields displayed in the job list in the cards

    • Address: Full address

    • Department: Department

    • Brand: Brand

  • Filters:
    Filters jobs by visibility.

      • Public: Check to display only public jobs

      • Internal: Check to display only internal jobs

      • Public and Internal: Check to display public and internal jobs

    • Search by job title: Key word search in the job title and the address

    • Cities: Filter jobs by cities

    • Departments: Filter jobs by departments
      Cities and departments selected are listed in b
      oxes below. To add a city or a department, type its name and click on the + sign

    • Filters available for candidates to use
      All job fields can be displayed in the burger menu for candidates to use as filters.

    • Which jobs should be displayed ?

Filter your jobs by job fields. Only jobs matching those filters in SmartRecruiters will be sent to the map. This will allow you to have multiple maps for different audiences.

  • Style: Custom style of your map

    • Position: Position of the map. Top, bottom, left or right

    • Ratio: Percentage of the page used by the map itself

    • Map style: customization of the map. Use Google styling wizard to copy JSON code and paste it into Maps4Smart

    • Custom css: CSS code to customize the job list

      • .label-search: The text above search field

      • .button-search: The button next to the search field

      • .button-search-icon: The icon inside the search button

      • .select-border: The border bottom of filters fields

      • .card-deck: The list of cards

      • .card: The card

      • .card-img: The image part of the card

      • .card-content: The text part of the card

      • .card-title: The job title

      • .location-icon: The location icon next to the location text

      • .dot: The separation dot between the brand and department text

      • .card-text-location: The location text

      • .card-text-department: The department text

      • .card-text-brand: The brand text

      • .apply-btn: The apply button on cards

      • .job-desc: The job description

      • .default-job-desc: The default job when there is any job description

      • .arrow-icon: The arrow icon in the default job description

Images configuration

Images can be used in the cards and are contexutalized using either Brands or Departments.

Warning: Brands OR Department contextualization setting applies to all images. When changed all images contextualization is reset.

SFTP configuration and CSV format for external jobs

SFTP configuration is only used to upload non SmartRecruiters jobs and application links. .

CSV Format

Each record must have at least 14 fields. Default is explained below.

CSV must be encoded in UTF-8.

If using Excel, make sure the selected format to save the file is CSV (UTF8).

Header and columns

  • title *

  • status *

  • departmentId *

  • departmentLabel *

  • country *

  • region

  • city *

  • address

  • postalCode

  • url *

  • postingStatus *

  • brandJobPropertyId:{Brand identifier} *

e.g. brandJobPropertyId:572043c2e4b073b78de336ce

  • brandJobPropertyLabel:Brands *

  • jobProperty:{Job property identifier} *

e.g. jobProperty:58b818c5e4b08fd8c905500d

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

You can click this link or see example below.

CSV example Maps4Smarts

Job fields codes (Id)

To import additional information such as additional job fields, add a new column at the end of the file with the format jobProperty:{Job property identifier}

In the example below, column N imports the field which code is 58b818c5e4b08fd8c905500d and its values (Ids of the values) used for the 4 jobs to be imported.

Above mentioned Identifiers can be found via Smart Recruiters API

First enter an API key in the X-SmartToken text box.

To get the {Job property identifier} and {Brand identifier}:

Go to the endpoint "Get/configuration/job-properties", click on Try it out and then Execute. A list of job properties will appear. Copy the Id of the job field you want to import.

To get the values of any job properties: Go to the endpoint "Get/configuration/job-properties/{id}/values".

Copy and paste the id of any job properties and click Execute.

The information you need for the CSV will appear.

Sftp configuration

Host: Server address.

Port: Server Port (22 by default).

Login: Username to connect to your server.

Public key* See below.

File directory: Path of the directory where CSV files (candidates' information) and attachments will be saved. (e.g. : /rhaegal/maps4smart/Test.csv)

Delimiter: Delimiter used to separate fields in CSV files.

*Maps4Smart uses SSH public-key authentication to connect to your SFTP server. Your server must be configured with a key pair, one private and one public. Upload your public key file to grant access to Maps4Smart.


In order to save you some time, we put in place a scheduler when your SFTP configuration is valid.

How the scheduler is started?

The scheduler starts automaticly when you click the "Update" button and when your SFTP configuration is correct.

When the scheduler is activated?

The scheduler is processing every day at noon Central European Summer Time (UTC+02:00)

What the scheduler do?

It processes the CSV file located on the SFTP server. All external jobs are added to the map on this regular schedule using the contents of the file. Previously added jobs are replaced by the ones found in the file.