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Accessing the fields dependencies set up


Select a parent field and associate it to its child field. The dependencies already created will appear down below with a preview of existing values dependencies.

  • To add a dependency (1), choose a parent field and a child field and click the "+ add dependencies" button.

  • To delete a dependency, check the dependency to delete and then click the trash icon on top left of the list.

  • To edit a dependency, click on the edit button in order to add values in it.

Creating dependencies between 2 fields

For example, if Pay Type is the parent and Pay Frequency the child, select these fields in the appropriate drop downs, and then click on “+ ADD DEPENDENCIES”

Pay Type setup in SmartRecruiters:

Adding values dependencies

To add values dependencies:

Select the parent and click on the "add dependency" button (1). The dependency will appear in a toggable row with the values. (2)

For example, pay types "hourly rate" and "annual salary" will have dependent values in the pay frequency field.

The delete system is the same as in the "fields dependencies" page. (3)

Click on the parent under which you want to add dependent values.

Once the row is open, add the values (1) wanted in the form. Once values entered, click save (2).

The list of values to add are set up in SmartRecruiters.

To delete a value (3), click on the cross and save.

Candidate view

candidate view fields dependencies.webm

Recruiter view once the form is sent