Mail Set Up

Forms can be sent to:

Candidate: the candidate

Recruiter: the first recruiter by alphabetical order defined in the hiring team for this job

Recipient: can be any email, even if not defined in SmartRecruiters as a user or a candidate

  1. Select the mail language by clicking on the + button
    This field is an autocomplete field

  2. Once the language is selected, 2 new fields are displayed:

    • Subject: the object of the mail

    • Content: the body of the mail. It accepts the following variables:

      • {{url}}: Link to the form (Required)

      • {{password}}: Password to validate the form (by the candidate) (Required)

      • {{firstName}}: First name of the candidate

      • {{lastName}}: Last name of the candidate

      • {{jobTitle}} : The title of the job

      • {{refNumber}} : The reference number of the job

      • {{country}} : The country of the job

      • {{region}} : The region of the job

      • {{city}} : The city of the job

      • {{address}} : The address of the job

      • {{postalCode}} : The postal code of the job

Emails can be multi lingual. They will be used based on default job ad.

For instance, if the default job ad is in English, the English mail will be sent to the candidate.

If the job ad's default language does not match any of the available emails, the first one in the list will be sent.