API uses

API uses

  • Access Candidates: Access to candidates' information like the email.

  • Manage Candidate Status and Properties: Access the candidate status and properties. The application properties are used to store the candidate's responses from forms.

  • Access Company Settings: Access to candidate fields, job fields, and hiring processes setup.

  • Access Jobs: To access an application in SmartRecruiters, Form4Smart needs to have a candidate and a job.

  • Access Users: Get user emails when we choose to send the forms to recruiters instead of candidates.

  • Access information about my user: Check the user's email validity.

  • Message Users: Share new messages in the HireLoop.

  • Access Company Information: Access the company details like the company name. This name is displayed on the connection page.

  • View, create and delete webhook subscriptions: Manage the connection and notifications between Form4Smart and SmartRecruiters. For instance, when a candidate is forwarded to a status, SmartRecruiters notifies Form4Smart that this event has happened.