Form4Smart Administrator Guide

What is Form4Smart

Form4Smart is a powerful mean to collect data form your candidates in SmartRecruiters by creating and designing custom forms. It is available at

How does it work ?

Once your questions are configured, candidates are invited by email to answer to a form as soon as they reach a specific step. Their answers are saved in application fields in SmartRecruiters, and can therefore be reused in offers, contracts... Or exported to other systems.


  1. First, get your Rhaegal key by contacting This key is used to connect to Form4smart.

  2. Make sure your account has the integration pack from SmartRecruiters.

  3. Log into SmartRecruiters

Data Privacy

No data from your files will be stored by Rhaegal. Only your parameters are locally stored in your navigator in plain text, as well as your Rhaegal key.

  1. Click on "CONNECT TO SMARTRECRUITERS" and sign into SmartRecruiters using your usual credentials. These have to be the ones linked to your Rhaegal key.

  2. Enter your Rhaegal key and click on "CONNECT".


Forms list

This is the landing page. It contains the list of all the forms.

  • Pencil icon: Edit the form

  • Trash can: Delete the form

Create new form

To create a form, click on the button or the menu item "Create form".

  • Form name: Unique form name.

  • Candidate fields: Select candidate fields. These are the same candidate fields available in SmartRecruiters. These selected fields will be used to generate the form.

    • Candidate fields sequence: Candidate fields can be re-ordered by drag-and-drop-ing them in the list after they are selected.

    • Required fields: Fields can be marked as required. A red asterisk next to the field prompt will be displayed to mark the field as required for the candidate.


  • Status and step: This is the application step in SmartRecruiters. This step is created in the hiring process. The form will be sent when the candidate reaches this step.

  • Org Fields: Conditions to trigger the form being sent. These fields are Job/Org fields created in SmartRecruiters.


Accepts the following variables:

  • {{candidate}}: Candidate's full name (mandatory).

  • {{formName}}: Form name (optional).

Form created message: Share a new message in the candidate's notes and in the Hireloop when the form is sent to a candidate.

Form submitted message: Share a new message in the candidate's notes and in the Hireloop when the form is submitted by a candidate.

Next step

Candidates can be processed to a new Status/Step upon submitting the form.

  • Status: Application status in SmartRecruiters. They cannot be modified.

  • Step: Application step in SmartRecruiters. This step is created in the hiring process.


Forms can be sent to:

Candidate: the candidate

Recruiter: the first recruiter by alphabetical order defined in the hiring process for this job

Recipient: the email of your choice

  • Select the mail language by clicking on the + button
    This field is an autocomplete field.

  • Once the language is selected, 2 new fields are displayed:

    • Subject: the object of the mail.

Content: the body of the mail. It accepts the following variables:
{{url}}: Link to the form.
{{password}}: Password to validate the form (by the candidate).
{{firstName}}: First name of the candidate.

{{lastName}}: Last name of the candidate.

{{jobTitle}} : The title of the job

{{refNumber}} : The reference number of the job

{{country}} : The country of the job

{{region}} : The region of the job

{{city}} : The city of the job

{{address}} : The address of the job

{{postalCode}} : The postal code of the job

Languages can be multi lingual. They will be used based on default job ad.

If the default job ad is in English, it will then be the English email that will be sent to the candidate.

If the job ad's default language does not match any of the available emails, the first one in the list will be sent.

Field Format Configuration

The field format section can only configure text type candidate fields from SmartRecruiters.

This format allows for the definition of an input mask.

The following syntax must be used:

  • 9=any number

  • A=any letter

Letters AND numbers for a field as long as you respect the two statements above.

For example, for a social security number format:

  1. Create a custom TEXT candidate field in SmartRecruiters

  2. Enter the desired input mask: 999-99-999 for instance

Candidate view

Recruiter view

Special characters

- , ( ) [ ] <space>

The use of [ ] is special. It makes the numbers or letters inside it optional.

Examples :

  • (999) 99 999: the candidate must type 8 numbers. The parenthesis and spaces will be added automatically and sent into SmartRecruiters.

  • (99) 999 [999]: the candidate must type 5 numbers. 3 additional numbers can be entered. The parenthesis and spaces will be added automatically and sent into SmartRecruiters. The "[" and "]" symbols will not be sent to SmartRecruiters nor be displayed on the candidate facing form.

  • 999-AAA-99: the candidate must enter 3 digits, 3 letters and 2 digits. The "-" will be added automatically and sent to SmartRecruiters.

Email Server Configuration (SMTP)

Forms4Smart sends notifications to candidates. These are sent by default from It is however possible to change the default settings to send these from your own SMTP server.


Host: Server address.

Port: Server Port (22 by default).

Username: Username to connect to your server.

Sender email: The email from which the mail is sent


Alias: Name display from sender

Reply to: The email address you want to receive the reply from the candidate (by default Sender email)

Required fields are with bold font.


Forms can be customized to match your branding. This customization applies to all forms.

  • Logo Link: Link to the logo you want to display at the top of the form page. This logo will be used for all your forms. Recommended size 150 x 100 px.

  • Font name: Font to use for the form. It must be web compatible. See Google Fonts.

All colors can be changed by using the color picker or the RGB, HEX code color.

    • Title color: Form title.

    • Label color: Field name color.

    • Response color: Field answer color.

    • Button color: Color of the button to submit form.

    • Form background color: Background color of the form.

    • Page background color: Background color of the page.

All customizations can be restet to default by clicking on "Reset color" button

Candidate form

The form is dynamically generated and presented to the candidate. If values already exist in SmartRecruiters, they will be displayed in the form.

The one time password must be entered by the candidate to successfully submit the form. The logo appears in the top left corner.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

the customized form is generated using the following parameters:

  • Font name: Anton

  • Title color: #B77E27

  • Label color: #B77E27

  • Response color: #D6D1CC

  • Button color: #B77E27

  • Form background color: #333C44

  • Page background color: #1F2327

API uses

  • Access Candidates: Access to candidates' information like the email.

  • Manage Candidate Status and Properties: Access the candidate status and properties. The application properties are used to store the candidate's responses from forms.

  • Access Company Settings: Access to candidate fields, job fields, and hiring processes setup.

  • Access Jobs: To access an application in SmartRecruiters, Form4Smart needs to have a candidate and a job.

  • Access Users: Get user emails when we choose to send the forms to recruiters instead of candidates.

  • Access information about my user: Check the user's email validity.

  • Message Users: Share new messages in the HireLoop.

  • Access Company Information: Access the company details like the company name. This name is displayed on the connection page.

  • View, create and delete webhook subscriptions: Manage the connection and notifications between Form4Smart and SmartRecruiters. For instance, when a candidate is forwarded to a status, SmartRecruiters notifies Form4Smart that this event has happened.