Blind4Smart Administrator Guide

What is Blind4Smart ?

Blind4Smart is a tool to anonymize and de-anonymize candidates in SmartRecruiters. It is available at


  1. First, get your Rhaegal key by contacting This key is used to connect to Blind4Smart.

  2. Make sure your account has the integration pack from SmartRecruiters.

  3. Log into SmartRecruiters.

Data Privacy

No data from your files will be stored by Rhaegal. Only your parameters are locally stored in your navigator in plain text, as well as your Rhaegal key.



Make sure you log into SmartRecruiters before access Blind4Smart from


Data field name and anonymized field name

2 candidate fields must be created in SmartRecruiters: candidate-fields. 1 of Free text form, and 1 of Yes/No type.

  1. Add field.

  2. Choose Field.

    • Create Custom Field.

  3. Select Free Text for the first field, and Yes/No for the second.

  4. Fill in the field names (e.g. b4s_data and b4s_anonymized). These will not be displayed in the recruiter interface.

  5. Uncheck Candidate Profile, Offer Approval Form and New Hire Form to hide these fields from the back office users.

  6. Choose "Users with full access".

  7. Save.

Anonymization and de-anonymization status

These steps will trigger the anonymization or de-anonymization of the candidates files. These are statuses defined in SmartRecruiters.

Anonymize candidate at creation in SmartRecruiters and/or at candidate application

To anonymize a candidate at creation in SmartRecruiters:

  • Add the "Lead" status

To anonymize a candidate at application:

  • Add the "New" status

Both can be done.

Fields to anonymize

Check which fields will be anonymized:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Location (Country, region, city)

  • Web (Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Website)

  • Institution names in education

  • Employer names in Experience

Additional Functionalities

Delete attachments: All attachments (resume, cover letter...) of candidates will be deleted once they reach the anonymization status. Warning, these files are not saved, they will be permanently deleted.

Save and restore attachments: Candidates attachments will be removed from the candidates files when they reach the anonymization status. These files will be temporarily saved on your server. Once candidates reach the deanonymization status, attachments will be restored. When checked, the SFTP configuration must also be filled.

Save candidates' information: Anonymized candidates information will be saved in a CSV file on your server. the file will be sent encrypted using SFTP. When checked, the SFTP configuration must also be filled.

SFTP server

Host: Server address.

Port: Server Port (22 by default).

Login: Username to connect to your server.

Public key*: See below.

File directory: Path of the directory where CSV files (candidates' information) and attachments will be saved.

File prefix: Prefix of the CSV file: myPrefix-20190506060001.csv. The filename will be completed by adding the timestamp.

Delimiter: Delimiter used to separate fields in CSV files.

*Blind4Smart uses SSH public-key authentication to connect to your SFTP server. Your server must be configured with a key pair, one private and one public. Upload your public key file to grant access to Blind4Smart.